• Searches for missing people
    Searches for missing people
  • Search missing person
    Search missing person

Searches for missing people

Searches for missing people

Cases of missing people are categorized as the most difficult and most complicated cases for police and detective agencies. For the search to be successful we will need additional information from the family and relatives, and that requires more help.

Because of their experience and skills they possess our detectives are often involved in investigations that involve a missing person.

We are always ready to give you the most help we can even in the cases of surprise disappearance of your loved ones, member of your family, or relatives, and regardless of their mental state, our agency will immediately start with the search of a missing person.

Searches for people who are in the hiding

In cases of a missing person don’t necessary need to be triggered by a crime. It could be a case of running away from home which is the most common case were teenagers are involved, but it could be a case of a big crime such as kidnapping. Its necessary to oversee everyday actions and habits of the missing person, places where they went out, as well as people they talked to, it could be work related or friends. It doesn’t matter if the person has criminal record or any problems with the law. Help of the family, relatives and friends can be crucial in successfully ending these cases.