• Detective services to verify partner's loyalty

    Detective services to verify partner's loyalty
  • Detective services monitoring and supervision of persons

    Detective services monitoring and supervision of persons
  • Detective services monitoring and supervision of persons

    Detective services monitoring and supervision of persons

 Detective agency Seguridad - Detective services Serbia

Detective agency Seguridad from Belgrade offers discretion, anonymous, fast and efficient detective services for natural and legal people using all legal means allowed by law.

We are leading detective agency with the best private detectives. Proof of our success and expertise is rising number of our clients who come to us exclusively through recommendation of satisfied clients, for us that represents our success and satisfaction.

Detective agency “Seguridad” offers following detective services:

Verifying the loyalty of the partner

Is he cheating on me? Is the question that is bothering a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you assume that your partner is cheating on you, contact us with full confidence. Detectives from our agency are specialized in discovering and proving unbelief, Click here to learn more…

Following and investigating

Detective agency Seguridad is offering you service of tracking down a person and vehicles in real-time. This is one of the most reliable and the most efficient ways to get information of the person you are trying to track and get proof his movement, address, his life-style ect… Click here to learn more…

Finding a person or a object

Detective agency “Seguridad” is very successful in finding and confirming addresses and residence of a person you are interested in finding. In this section of our services we have great results in finding missing people and objects. Click here to learn more…

Investigation and detecting cheating

In case you were a victim of cheating, detective agency “Seguridad” is going to help you in finding the person who cheated on you, and help you in gathering enough proof to file a lawsuit. Our detectives are going to help you to find a person who didn’t gave back the debt or is hiding from you. Click here to learn more…

Finding and removing spy devices

In case you are suspicious that your office or home is being spied on or it contains some kind of spy devices(Recording Audio and Video), our agency is offering discreet anti-spy check if your residence. We are offering a service of discovering and removing of hidden cameras and listening devices in your home, office or car. Click here to learn more…

Searching for a missing person

We are ready to offer you the help in cases of missing person. Your close family/friend regardless of his mental state, run-away child or victim of kidnaping. Detective agency “Seguridad” will immediately start with search for missing person. Click here to learn more…

Polygraph – Polygraph testing

Detective agency “Seguridad” is offering services of polygraph testing in Belgrade. We are successfully settling and helping our clients to come to the truth with professionalism, efficiency and accuracy of information. Click here to learn more…

Detective services of Seguridad Belgrade

In case there is problem in mentioned statements, we are at your disposal, with guaranteed discretion.

Securidad is a detective agency with experienced detectives and large contacts with detective affiliates, with a goal to offer the best detective services in Belgrade, and in Serbia as well as internationally.

As a serious detective agency we are keeping trustworthy contacts and cooperate with private detectives and detective agencies from country such as Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia , Macedonia , Slovenia, Hungary Austria and Germany…

You should use our services because:

-         Discretion and professionalism are 100% guaranteed.

-         Experienced detectives are at your service 24 hours.

-         Efficiently and fast, we are providing our detective services.

-         We are offering the most professional standards for detective services