• Prices detective agency services
    Prices detective agency services

Prices detective agency services

To provide our Detective Services, the total cost of work depends on the client and his estimates of how long the private detective has to spend on the field.

We understand that you are curious of the price of our detective service which you are interested in. Detective agency Seguridad is providing you with detective services with most reasonable prices in Serbia, with guaranteed discretion you as a client and the person you’re trying to investigate.

The prices of our services depend on length of the case, complex of the case, the number of people engaged in the case,  extra costs and of the risk factor. Because of that, prices of our detective services varies from cases.


  Checking the loyalty of a partner          from 100 euro
  Following and overseeing                       from 100 euro
  Investigation and discovering cheating        from 100 euro
  Finding and removing spy devices      from 150 euro
  Checking business partners and employees    from 100 euro
  Search for missing people                from 70 euro
  Polygraph test             
   from 70 euro



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