• Polygraph Polygraph testing Belgrade
    Polygraph Polygraph testing Belgrade
  • Polygraph testing polygraphist Slobodan Zecevic
    Polygraph testing polygraphist Slobodan Zecevic

Polygraph - Polygraph testing

Detective agency Seguridad Belgrade is offering services polygraph testing in Belgrade. We are succsfully helping our clients get to the truth with professionalism, efficiency and accuracy with our information.

For a succesful polygraph testing, which is 97% trustworthy, its very important for experienced examiner.

Services of polygraph testing in our agency are done by the most experienced examiner who has 30 years of experience in the Criminal Agency of Police MUP Belgrade, were he was working on solving the most complicated cases, the number of people he tested is well over one thousand, he is listed as the one of the best polygraph exmaniers not only in Serbia but in Eastern Europe.


Our agency uses 4000LX Lafayette model, worlds leader in polygraph section, verified to be most used in the world.

Polygraph je instrument which is used in the same time for getting more information which come from testing. When someone tries to cover the truth on a specific question with help of psychologycal tests changes are registered their breathing and control of the main nerve system, blood pressure, pulse, sweating.

Practical use of a Polygraph:

-        Crime investigation

-        Pre-marriage tests

-        Civil litigation

-        Internal robbery and cheating

-        Suspision in cheating

-        Industrial spying

-        Divorces

-        Staff verification

-        Verification in candidates for hiring

-        Drug addiction and Alcoholism

-        Different problems while working

-        Juvenile delinquency