• Finding and removing spy-objekts
    Finding and removing spy-objekts
  • Finding the hidden cameras and eavesdroppers
    Finding the hidden cameras and eavesdroppers

Finding and removing spy-objekts

Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade is offering the service of finding and removing hidden cameras, eavesdroppers in the house, office and cars.

If you assume that your work space or residence is containing eavesdroppers or any hidden cameras, our agency offers you service which is discreet in removing eavesdroppers in your area.

We have special, professional equipment, that we are removing with our special skills and experience in this field.

Finding the hidden cameras and eavesdroppers

Detective agency “Seguidad” is offering detective services – finding and removing hidden cameras and eavesdroppers that are placed for hidden over watch and eavesdropping of your residence, office or a car. We are finding and removing spy-software in your mobile phones and computers.

Risks of potential eavesdropping are big. Nowdays, devices for eavesdropping are really cheap and are available to everyone without any license. That’s why its really easy to eavesdrop your – colleague, significant other, competition, journalists…


If you decide to use detective agency Seguridad services for finding eavesdroppers, in the process of contacting us, don’t talk to us in the same room which you assume is containing eavesdroppers, or from a phone you think is containing spy-software.


Contact us with full trust in our services!