• Checking business partners and employees
    Checking business partners and employees
  • Discreet observing of the partner, competition and employees
    Discreet observing of the partner, competition and employees

Checking business partners and employees

Detective agency “Seguridad” is doing the service for you of gathering the information which are direct and indirectly about the person we are tracking down. We have a lot of experience with gathering the information in working section. We have professional and experience cadre to answer to any of your requests and to get the information needed.

Tracking the bussines partners

Nowdays in business world and that is today we are forced to make decisions non-stop. We need trustworthy and good information’s so we can make the right decision. Detective agency “Seguridad” is securing requested information’s in order to make right decision. Our report is based on information that are results of discreet tracking of work activities. Identity of the organization, responsible people and official investigations that are done due to gathering the information.

Gathering the information and analyzing of:

  •   Competition
  •   Responsible people
  •   Clients
  •   Work partners
  •   Potential working partners
  •   Staff

Discreet observing of the partner, competition and staff

In case you are assuming that your staff, members of your administration, working partners, competition or any other way of close
people who act contrary to contractual obligations, our agency is offering a service with discreet checking.

Partner checking include:

  •         Discreet observing of people
  •         Discreet observing of vehicles
  •         Discreet observing work and private space

Confirming of legal and physical persons

If you want to check credibility of work files, documents, property status of a legal and physical person, confirming the information given in biography of the client before handing him the contract, our agency is in Possibility to confirm those information’s fast and accurate.

Verifying information includes:

  •         Verification of legal people (Property, work..)
  •         Verification of physical people (work, real address of residence, property)
  •         Verification of potential hiring